Hongyingzi glutinous sorghum, commonly known as Hongliang, is a high tannin organic glutinous sorghum produced in Maotai town. It is the raw material of Maotai Maotai flavor liquor. It is the core raw material of Maotai pure Maotai flavor liquor. This kind of red beam is planted in the unique soil climate environment of Maotai Town, which is one of the reasons why Maotai sauce wine can not be copied. Local red tassel glutinous sorghum is different from other sorghum. Local red tassel glutinous sorghum has small grain, thick skin, full grain, and can cook well. Maotai locals call it "sand". It is because of these characteristics that red sorghum can achieve the soul technology of kunsha sauce wine: nine times of cooking, eight times of fermentation, seven times of wine taking, two times of grain feeding, one production cycle a year.

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